Rượu vang Ý ANGE Primitivo Puglia

Rượu vang Ý ANGE Primitivo Puglia

Tên sản phẩm: ANGE Primitivo Puglia.

- Loại rượu: Vang đỏ.
- Vùng trồng nho: Puglia.
- Giống nho: 100% Primitivo.
- Nồng độ: 18% Alc./Vol.
- Dung tích: 750ml.
- Quy cách: 06 chai/thùng.
- Sử dụng: Uống trực tiếp, ngon hơn khi uống lạnh.
- Bảo quản nơi thoáng mát, tránh ánh nắng trực tiếp.

Để mua sản phẩm này, quý khách vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi theo đường dây nóng:

Hotline: 09 1600 2699

- GRAPES: 100% Primitivo

- PRODUCTION AREA: Cellino San Marco (BR), San Pietro Vernotico (BR)

- BREEDING SYSTEM: Espalier and Apulian Tree (4.500 stumps per ha)

- VINTAGE PERIOD: First decade of September.

- VINIFICATION: After the pressing and destemming, the must remains into maceration with the peels for 6/7 days at thermocontrolled temperature of 25-26°C, malolactic fermentation in wood.
- AGEING: In stainless steel tanks until the bottling.

- AGEING TOLERANCE: Ready to drink; as an alternative, follow its evolution for 3/4 years.

- COLOUR: Ruby red with delicate grenade hints.

- TASTE: The mineral flavours create a delicate intersection with the cherry, sour cherry and the plum; the flowers and the spices close in an ending provided with a perfect olfactory insistence.

- PALATE: Ripe fruit rested on a fresh and strong tannin. Well measured acid sinew. Mature and gentle Primitivo dominating with its softness and its very strong structure.

- FOOD MATCHING: Pasta with ragout, splendid with red meats, good with the lamb. Ideal with medium and high maturing cheeses.

- SALENTO COOKING: Parmigiana, timbale, potatoes gateau, grilled sausage.
- SERVE AT: 18° C.

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